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Did you notice your garage door is lying open when you returned home? But you absolutely remember closing the door. Or perhaps you have heard your garage door opening and closing by itself. But these operations are supposed to be controlled by the remote or the wall button. These incidents indeed invoke fear for you and your family’s safety. Your garage door not only protects your car but also is an entrance to your house. The entrance of your house is one of the key factors regarding the household’s safety. The Ghost-opening of your garage door increases the chance of burglary and such unfortunate occurrences.

If your garage door is closing by itself, it can cause a disastrous accident. Homeowners initially do not consider garage doors to be a safety hazard. But these problems can bring a potential threat for children as well as for adults. Nonetheless, this is a common problem.

Here comes the Silver Fox Garage Door Repair service to help you. We have the solution for all your garage door problems. We are known for our reliability and affordable services in Las Vegas. In addition, we work with convenient and trustworthy manufacturers to ensure your safety.


Why would garage door opening and closing by itself?

There are several situations when this kind of phantom operation may occur. To put an end to these problems, you might become aware of the reasons behind them. The probable reasons are given below.


1. Failure of The Circuit Board:

An automatic garage door opens and closes with the help of a motorized device, which is called an opener. A garage door opener must have a circuit board. This circuit board can be damaged for several reasons, including age, exposure to high heat, and so on. Power surge, loose connection, and temporary reduction in electric voltage may also cause the failure of the circuit board. In this case, you can contact our experienced professionals. They will inspect and consult you about the problem. Then, it can be repaired or replaced with a new one.


2. Control Wiring:

Problem in the wiring of a garage door opener eventually can hamper the opening and closing program of the garage door. It occurs when a bare portion of a wire meets the door track or any other part. This electric connection makes the opener to be activated. This can prompt opening and closing of garage door.


3. Radio Signal Interference:

A garage door opening and closing is performed using radio frequencies. It functions when the frequencies are the same. When other electronics with radio signals appear nearby, it can interfere with the function. These radio signals can come from a nearby radio station, police radios, CB radios, and military camp. Another reason can be if your neighbor has the same frequency code. In that case, you can contact a professional who can reprogram the garage door opener. Rolling codes can also solve the problem.


4. The Problem of The Safety Sensor:

It is another most common reason that can hamper the opening and closing program. The safety sensors aligned with the garage door are very useful tools. They can sense the obstacles and reverse open the door. If the sensor units are tilted, that can also trigger the garage door to open. If the problem is with the wiring of the safety sensor, you might need professional help to repair or replace it.


5. Debris Problem:

Many homeowners neglect garage door safety measures. One of such processes is clearing out the debris. Debris can cause several problems, which can lead to disastrous occurrences. These junks can also create a problem with the garage door sensor. When you try to close the garage door, the sensor may pick up the debris as an obstacle. For this reason, the garage door may go up on its own. Hence, to avoid unfortunate circumstances, keep your garage always clean and free of debris.


6. The Problem of The Roller:

If the adjustment screws are not properly set, this problem might occur. The garage door roller may scrap against the screw and disrupt the door from closing. Instead, it is going up. A damaged roller can also create too much friction against the track. In that case, make sure that the roller is in good condition, or consult a professional to repair or replace the damaged roller.


7. The Fault of The Wall Button:

An old and damaged wall button can also hamper the garage door keeps opening after closing. It can also occur for a loose wire connection inside the button itself. You can remove the wall button to check if there are any loose wires. In that case, you may consult a technician.


8. Problem with Remote:

A remote is a device that helps the opener to open and close the garage door. If the problem is occurring due to a faulty remote, check the batteries at first. Down batteries can cause such problems. If the problem persists even after replacing the batteries with new ones, it may indicate that the remote’s signal is not working properly. Therefore, you may consult a professional to reset or replace the remote.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I fix the problem of the garage door opening and closing by myself?

Some problems like cleaning the debris, changing the batteries, fixing the adjustment screws, and set a tilted sensor, can be done without professional help. In other cases, you might consult an expert.

Is it expensive if I want to replace the damaged device?

With Silver Fox, you can replace your damaged device with a high-quality but affordable one.

Why should I choose Silver Fox Garage Door Repair Service?

The Silver Fox Garage Door Repair company provides you reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective services. We are open 24/7 for service. We have experienced technicians who can offer you a free evaluation.


When a garage door is opening and closing by itself, it can hamper your daily life. It can also bring potential dangers to your house. If you can not find any reason behind the problem or unable to fix it by yourself, consult the experts. Silver Fox is a trusted local garage door repair company that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. To fix the problem, call us at 7025368081 because you deserve the best.


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