The Process of Installing a Garage Door in Las Vegas

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No matter how seamless your garage door might feel with the initial usage, the need for 24 hour garage door repair Las Vegas is always there. That being said, the sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of all the installation procedure that takes place within the same.

The Complete process of Installation and Garage Door Repair Las Vegas

When it comes to installing a new garage door, here is a complete list of how the repair services take place in all the different steps:

1) Releasing the Tension

At first, one needs to release the tension from the torsion spring before installing the new garage door. By using steel rods, one can easily loosen the spring until it completely comes out. Alternatively, tighten the two rods after the same.

2) Disconnecting the Existing Door and Opener

Once the garage door springs have been released, it is now the time to take apart the existing garage door opener. The process starts by removing the door panel while ending with the opener.

3) Installing the New Door Panels

Installing the new door panel starts with high quality panels. Now, it completely depends upon the type of garage door you are opting for. Once the first panel is installed, the same process is repeated until all of them are in place.

4) Securing the Hinges and Installing the Tracks

For the installation and garage door repairs, make sure to take support from the top and bottom axle in order to secure the hinge. Once that stays in place, install the tracks by attaching the brackets with the vertical pieces.

5) Spring Assembly to the Track

Now it’s time to assemble all the pieces. These can provide support to the spring assembly while attaching them to the tracks. Just bear in mind to use the same ceiling support prior used for the other door.

6) Bolting the Tracks Together

It is very important that the track remains at the same place. That is why make sure to bolt the vertical tracks along with the horizontal ones. But, bear in mind, not to over tighten the same.  garage door repair Las Vegas

7) Installing the Springs

Once you are done with locating the opening center, mark it down with the door header. The support for the spring is attached to the same spot. Lastly, make sure to bolt the two springs firmly with the main header bracket.

8) Installing the Torsion Rod and Pulley

By the side header brackets, you can easily find the holes for the torsion rod. Once you have properly secured the rod, now it’s time to install the pulley with each of its ends.

9) Attaching the Cables

Bring up the cables from down below and attach them along with the wheels of the pulley. Once you are done, tighten the cables using locking pliers with the rods from outside of the bracket.

10) Tightening the Springs

Last but not least, it comes fine-tuning your garage door by tightening the spring. Make sure to go with a single turn clockwise until you reach the appropriate tension. Tighten the bolts and anchor them in place.

Wrapping Up

Here at Silver Fox Garage Repair, we make sure to provide you with top of the line garage door repair Las VegasNeither less to say, our customer service makes sure that you get your desired service at the earliest hour possible. Now, apart from garage door installation, we also provide repair and regular maintenance services. So, in one way or another, be rest assured to get a comprehensive service hassle-free.

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