Tips To Enhance The Lifespan Of Garage Door Springs

Posted on Jun 10, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Tips To Enhance The Lifespan Of Garage Door Springs

A garage door is not a very cheap thing. You will need a good amount of money to buy one, but if you maintain it properly, then it can last more than you have expected it to last. This is one of the heaviest things of our home, which has springs and pulleys attached to it to keep the door in the proper place. If your garage door is showing any problem, then you should call 24-hour emergency garage door repair to avoid any big accident.

Springs are one of the most important parts of a garage door that stops them from falling down. They are designed to hold the maximum weight of a garage door. Springs also help the owner to open or close their garage door smoothly by hand or by an automatic opener.

Here we are going to give you some tips to maintain the health of your garage door springs. If you follow them carefully, then we are sure your garage door spring will be in good condition throughout the year. But before all that, we need to know about the lifespan of the garage door spring otherwise, your efforts will be on waste.

Lifespan of a garage door spring

The lifespan of a garage door spring usually depends on its quality and usage. You must ensure that the brand you are buying provides you with good quality garage door parts. It is counted by the number of cycles of open and closing. One-time opening and closing are counted as one cycle.

Extension garage door springs last up to 10,000 cycles. If you calculated it practically, then it would last almost 14 years if we use our garage doors two times a day. Torsion springs last a little longer than that. If it is made of good quality material, then it can last up to 20,000 cycles.

What affects the lifespan of a garage door spring?

Rust is the main cause of a broken-down garage door spring. Although, springs made with Zinc coated galvanized steels can last long and prevent rust better than the normal ones.

Tips to enhance the lifespan of garage door springs-

1.Clean the garage door springs regularly by yourself.

2.Lubricate them at least two times in a year or depending on how often you use your garage door. The more frequent usage will need more frequent lubrication.

3.Prevent the springs from being rusted. You can use Lithium or silicone lubricants for this purpose.

4.Keep your garage door balanced to maintain the quality of garage door springs and to get long-lasting quality garage doors.

These are very simple yet effective methods to maintain the condition of your garage door spring. Following them thoroughly will help you to get long-lasting garage door springs, and automatically, your garage door will last long too. If you face any problem regarding your garage door or garage door spring, it’s better to call professional garage door repair immediately. If you want best service for your garage door, you can call Silver Fox Garage Door Repair.

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