Understanding the Dangers of DIY Garage Door Parts Repair

Garage Door Opener

It is crucial that you consult a professional when dealing with garage door problems. Failing to do so could result in serious consequences, like high energy bills, home invasions, and even significant injuries.

Cables and Garage Spring Danger

Springs and cables are essential components of your garage door. Just like rollers and tracks, it can also become damaged or broken over time. Springs and cables can be very difficult, not to mention extremely dangerous to replace on your own. Broken springs will prevent your door from opening. 

There is a significant amount of pressure your garage door spring is under. That is why spring replacement should never be attempted by homeowners. Professional garage door technicians can safely replace your broken springs and get your door working smoothly again in no time.

Rollers and Tracks

The DIY garage door spring repair might look like a simple job at first, but it’s certainly not. Garage doors play one of the most crucial roles in keeping your house safe and secure. So, it is a lot more than just a few pieces of wood and aluminum. 

Many of these components like extension springs can be dangerous to tinker with if you do not have professional experience. Your rollers and tracks allow your garage door to follow its path smoothly as you open and close it. 

When they become bent or broken, however, they prevent your garage door from gliding through its path smoothly. Taking assistance from a professional can help you to safely repair your rollers and tracks. They can also replace the faulty one with other rollers and tracks that can make your door run more smoothly and quietly. Attempting to do this yourself can lead to serious injury, along with getting a broken torsion spring. So, always call a professional garage door repair service instead.

Door Sections

They enhance your home’s energy efficiency, provide security for your family, and give you the level of privacy you desire. Only a professional should replace your door and diagnose any issues with the door sections. DIY garage door repair may compromise the door’s integrity causing further problems and additional future repairs.

Replacing the Panels

One of the biggest concerns with DIY garage door parts is the dangers that come along with replacing the panel all by yourself. For instance, some of the problems that may arise while replacing the garage door include: 

  • If the door is not properly disconnected, the garage door opener might pop up at the most unexpected circumstances
  • Try to gain access to the broken panel can further damage other panels
  • Chances of sustaining injury while trying to open a broken panel
  • Without the proper knowledge on garage doors, one might end up buying the wrong size of the panel

Easily Accessible DIY Garage Repairs

There are a few aspects of the garage door that can certainly be fixed all by yourself. Down below is a list of some of the most common issues that you can face regarding your garage door:  

1)  Fixing a Frozen Garage Door

An issue that is mostly applicable to cooler climates. Even during the winter season, you will encounter frozen garage doors. One of the biggest reasons for the same is due to the low temperature; the entire mechanism of the garage door stiffens, resulting in a loss of power. 

But, there is a way around to deal with such circumstances. All you need to do is look for the pressure adjustment settings. A small tweak, and adjusting the settings according to different climatic conditions will ensure that you can cut your losses without making further investment in your garage door.  

2)  Fixing Rusty Door Tracks

With regular usage, garage door tracks have a tendency to get rusty. This is mainly because it always comes in direct contact with the concrete floor, which remains damp. You would be surprised to know that there is an easy fix around that too. First of all, make sure that you move your garage door just above the garage floor. 

Do it in such a way that you can actually estimate the rust that might occur in the near future. After that, all you need to do is chop off almost half an inch from the bottom of the track.  

3)  Fixing Sagging Garage Doors

You would understand how sagging garage doors completely destroys the visual aesthetics of your garage. Neither less to say, you also make the overall garage door fairly difficult to operate. The easiest fix is to make use of tension rods and position them diagonally at the back of your garage door. 

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Preventive Measures for Garage Door Accidents

We discussed earlier, there are several instances where you might end up getting injured performing garage door spring replacement all by yourself. Down below is a list of some of the safety tips worth mentioning: 

  • Make sure to have the emergency release mechanism easily available Always keep yourself educated with the overall functioning of the garage door.
  • Your activation controls should always be out of reach from the hands of your children.
  • Lastly, seek professional help whenever you come across any problem related to garage door.

Key Takeaway

There is no point in arguing that DIY repairs for your garage door can be fun at times. Both at the same time, it also comes with a lot of learning curve. You need to have the right skill set along with proper equipment in order to repair their garage door on their own. At the same time, certified professionals at Silver Fox can do the same repair in a matter of minutes. 

With years of experience, Silver Fox Garage Repair makes sure that you get a state-of-the0art garage repair services. After opting for professional assistance, you don’t have to think twice about further repair for the years to come. You can get in touch with the customer support 24/7/365. In fact, they are just a call away. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Silver Fox garage repair, and give your garage door the perfect outlook.


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