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Garage Door Spring Repair

We all know that garage doors are an important part of the door mechanism. The garage doors are opened and closed manually with the help of springs. Garage doors weigh a lot, and it is impossible to open them without the help of springs. If you’re having a problem opening the garage door, then it is because the spring has broken down. So, you need to replace them for good. In this article, we would discuss the different types of garage door springs and which type would be perfect for your garage door.


Different Garage Door Springs

There are primarily two types of garage door springs. They are torsion springs and extension springs. Here are the differences between the two.


Torsion Springs Vs. Extension Springs 


  • Torsion Springs: It stores power by coiling tightly when the door closes. When you close the door, the torsion spring of the door stores a huge amount of energy. While you try to open the door, the spring helps by uncoiling and releasing that stored power. We would advise you not to try to replace the torsion spring by yourself to avoid accidents. Calling a technician from the best garage door maintenance company is a must.


  • Extension Springs: These types of springs run parallel to the tracts of the garage door, and they can be found between the tracks and the ceiling of the garage. Extension springs store power by extending while you open the garage door. You would see that when the extension springs snap, they will go flying off in any direction.


Finding Out Your Garage Door Torsion Spring


If you would analyze the garage door and found that the spring is directly above the garage door, then you have torsion springs. 

Torsion is the word which originates from the Latin word “to turn.” When you close the garage door, you can find the torsion springs coils up. Torsion springs use torque. Until and unless you don’t open the garage door, it would hold the same position.


Torsion spring tends to consists of metals attached at each of its ends

These metal ends tend to form X’s and is known as cones. You can actually find a small indentation near the smaller end. A garage door professional would stick a winding bar within the hole in order to crank it. This is why this cone is known as a winding bar cone. Another one is called the center bearing. It is a plate of metal, where the door spring’s other end is connected.


The torsion tube is where the torsion spring runs along

These tubes of these springs are either hollow or solid. The cable drums at each corner of the garage are connected by these tubes.


Finding the Number of Torsion Springs

You can actually find one or two springs within the torsion springs. A garage door with single panel requires a single torsion spring and a double garage door requires two springs. But if your garage door is exceptionally heavy, then you can go for two springs.


It is easier to tell how many springs do you have in your garage door. If your garage door has only one torsion spring, then it would be on only one side of the center bearing plate. On the other hand, if you have two springs, then you would notice that there would be a second spring on the other side of the plate as well.


As for the Two Springs, they are marked red and black at the left and right side respectively.

The majority of the garage door spring manufacturing companies use color code for their springs so that you can make out which tension spring goes on which side. If you’re able to see this, then it is obvious that you have a torsion spring.


Do You have Garage Door, Extension Springs?


You can find loops at the end of Extension Springs

There are three versions. They are single loop, clip type as well as double loop. A single loop is the cheapest out of these three. It won’t even complete the circle in order to close the loop. Whereas the double loop is durable and makes a complete circle. The strongest out of all these three is the one that contains a clip at the end to make it sturdy.


Which Garage Door Spring is the Right Choice for You?

Torsion springs that are coated are considered the finest. It is said that the torsion springs are considered a safer option as compared to extension springs. They are long-lasting as well. The coated torsion springs are considered to last longer than compared to regular torsion springs.


It is imperative to understand that torsion springs are considered safe. These springs are self-contained so, it is obvious that they are safer them the extension springs. When they break, you would see that they will not turn into projectiles. On the other hand, extension springs, however, can fire off. Safety cables need to be installed. That way, when an extension spring breaks, it will not shoot out. But some companies don’t follow all these rules, and you would see that there would be a fire in the garage, and people can die eventually.


Why coated torsion is the best? First of all, they don’t break easily. You should remember that the finest coated torsion is shot-peened. So, they are considered safer and long-lasting. Some companies even provide a lifetime warranty on them because of their durability.


Concluding Words

We, the Silver Fox Garage Door, is known in the whole of Las Vegas as one of the best garage door maintenance company. We are known for our good and affordable service. For any doubts, you can check the feedback from our existing customers. We would be happy to provide you with our services even at night and on weekends. And you would be happy to know that we don’t charge any extra money for that. You can call and email us for instant replies. After the work is done, we would sanitize the garage units for better.


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