Comparison Between Unique Garage Door & The Amarr Stratford

Posted on Mar 24, 2020 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Comparison Between Unique Garage Door & The Amarr Stratford

Spending a good amount of money in an excellent quality garage door for one’s home can benefit the individual in a number of ways. If one can substitute their garage door with an effective and modernized model, then it is one of the most useful upgrades that can be added to the home. This will in a way increase the rate of value, an improvement as seen in its functionality along with its safety and security being strengthened. Some of the high-quality garage door brands like Unique excel in innovated technology used in the garage door in order to make them more efficient and durable so as to withstand any kind of extreme climatic conditions. Though there are different budgets and preferences which are considered as crucial factors, vary from one individual to another, so here is the American Veteran Garage’s breakdown and it’s difference from the Unique Garage Door along with their competition with the average garage door.

Working and Features: Unique Garage Pan Door v/s the Amarr Stratford ST1000

If one is on the lookout for a basic garage door model, then the individual might consider the Unique Garage Pan Door. They are available in a number of painted color coatings along with various style categories. Their basic models are however extremely reliable and certified to be industry-strength efficient.

The Unique Garage Pan Door

  • They are 2” thick and properly non-insulated including those premium and exclusive shadow lines which serves to provide that extra source of strength.
  • They are formalized with 124 steel.
  • They are extremely durable and quiet.
  • They are built in with a 1 Mil thick baked-on polyester paint both on the exterior as well as the interior portions.
  • They are also with an excellent rust-proof bottom weather seal retainer.

The Amarr Stratford 1000

  • Designed with a single layer of steel.
  • Inbuilt with a heavy duty exterior.
  • They fall under the category of low maintenance.

Unique Insulated Poly Back Door v/s The Amarr Stratford ST2000

The kind of an average garage door upgrade has a retain value which builds up to 88%. In such a situation, it will not just be one’s ROI which will eventually look attractive for profits as well as for home selling which might take place in the future, but at the same time, the individual’s costing level pertaining to cooling and heating purposes will lead to a great amount of difference. It is exactly for this reason that one should consider the positive aspects of insulating their own garage.

The Unique Insulated Poly Back Door

  • They are designed in such a way that they are provided with a 2” thick insulation along with ¼” thickened poly back skin.
  • They are essentially 8-18 foot long and solid designed one-piece sheets.
  • They are featured with CFC-free polystyrene which is bonded in such a way to that of the steel along with patented urethane bonding which is also squeak-free.
  • They are formalized with 124 steel.

The Amarr Stratford ST2000

  • They are designed with a double layering which comprises steel and insulation.
  • They have a heavy duty on their exterior portions.
  • They are environment-friendly polystyrene thermally insulated along with vinyl backing.
  • They are equipped with energy efficiency and quiet operation.

The Unique Steel Back Door v/s theAmarr Stratford ST3000

One can spend their money on the ultimate and premium garage door models which are designed by the Unique. In the advanced and well equipped model made by the Unique, the buyer is definitely assured with guaranteed security measures, triple layered toughness along with a silent mode of operation. It is because of the reason that the Unique has the toughest and thickest steel doors; it provides the ultimate level of safety, durability along with energy efficiency which their modern designed models does offer.

The Unique Steel Back Door

  • They are equipped with extreme strength as well as powerful durability.
  • They are designed with a triple layer which comes along with woodgrain steel coupled with safe, stable polystyrene mode of insulation.
  • They have a unique density foam along with two layers of steel which is characterized by exclusive pressure-max bonding.
  • They work on the basis of quiet operation and maximum energy efficiency.

The Amarr Stratford ST3000

  • They have a triple layer design consisting of steel, insulation and more steel.
  • They are designed with a heavy duty on the exterior and with interior steel.
  • They are environment-friendly characterized by safe Polystyrene thermal mode of insulation.
  • They provide maximum energy efficiency along with quiet more of operation and low maintenance.

Some additional professional and useful advice-

  1. The Garage Steel/Panel Construction- When the number of gauge steel falls under consideration, it is seen most of the time that lower the number, the thicker is the steel. Unique panels are designed with a number of 124 gauges steel while on the other hand, the Amarr is 125 in number, hence it is slightly thinner than Unique.
  2. The Design- Both Unique, as well as Amarrhave the same overall looks and style as far as the construction of the design for both the models, is considered. Usually, the HOA is not an issue as long as the overall design of the model is similar.
  3. The Paint- The Unique Doors are specially painted with a coating of powder paint that is usually baked on while the coating process goes on. Unique’s paint differs from the ones used on Amarr because the former is twice as durable and longer-lasting than the latter.
  4. The Hardware- The ones designed by Unique has patented hinges designed with nylon bushings which help in providing a quieter mode of operation. While on the other hand, the Amarr designs their hinges which are completely steel and therefore maybe a bit louder because of the contact between the metals. As far as the end hinges are considered, Amarr designs them in such a way that the hinges stick out from the side of the door as a result of its model. But Unique designs their end hinges which are completely flush with the door sides. The garage rollers play an important role in the functioning of the garage door. Unique’s design is done in such a way that the ball bearing rollers are self-lubricating. They are also added on with extreme strength to be able to withstand an extreme amount of weight and are also popular for their long-lasting cycles. In contrast to that, Amarrdesigns with nylon rollers (simple wheel design) with no bearings.
  5. The Insulation- Since the garage doors manufactured by Unique are factory-made, therefore the insulation is stuck on to the door along with a thick coating of plastic. This helps to prevent peeling off, fading or even eroding. The kind of insulation provided by Amarr’s garage doors is inserted which means that the pieces of insulation can be removed manually. And this can be done because the insulation is not integrated right inside the garage door thus leading to wiggling and movement while they are in operation.
  6. The Noise- One must keep this thing essentially in mind that the more heavy a door becomes, this eventually leads to an increase in the level of the noise. The model provided by Unique is extremely quiet and it is because of Amarr’s design of insulation, it thus leads to slight squeaking while opening and closing the garage door.

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