Need for Weatherproofing Your Garage Door in Las Vegas?

Weatherproofing Garage

The garage door system is one of the most neglected corners in most American households. It is difficult to keep a count of the number of times the garage door is lifted and lowered. If you have ever noticed water droppings or dirt and grime in your garage, there is a fair chance that the problem can be traced back to the maintenance of your garage door.

Garage doors have to bear the brunt of wind, dust, unwanted intruders as well as harsh weather conditions. Most of the time, standard seals aren’t able to prevent these loopholes. The importance of weatherproof your garage door comes in here. Fortunately, a few alternatives can keep your garage safe and warm.


How to Weatherproof your Garage Door?


  • Door Insulation

Installing an insulated rubber strip over the gap of the horizontal panels is one of the easiest methods of weatherproofing. Make sure that door is closed to properly locate the gap. Batt insulation, foam boards, or reflective insulation panels are three other effective options depending on the specific door and climatic conditions of the area.

You can choose to either upgrade to an insulated version of the door or install completely new insulation on your current door.


  • Weather Stripping

The rare sides of the garage door are not immune to harsh conditions. A rubber seal or a brush strip can be typically used to seal the side of the garage door. Seals can be affixed with nails on some doors rather than channels.

A threshold storm seal is a kind of rubber seal that can be attached to the floor where the door gets closed. The superior combination of this threshold storm seal and the weather-stripping on the garage door bottom seal creates an absolute protective cover. This airtight and watertight seal will protect the garage door from harsh elements.


  • Automatic Openers

Traditional garage system not only exposes your door to harsh elements but also poses a risk to the security for your home. A garage door company can help you in the installation of automatic openers. Remote monitoring helps to ensure if the garage door is closed properly which in turn can increase the lifespan of the garage door system.

There is also a mechanism to alert you if there is an issue with the closing of the garage system. This decreases the exposure of the door to harsh climatic conditions to a considerable extent.

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Garage Door Weatherproofing in Las Vegas

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