What are the many uses of Commercial Garage Doors?


Every other business or industry caters to the need for a commercial garage door. These quality garage doors Las Vegas ensures that they can provide a secured area for the business to keep their secured stocks. Loading locks, for example, need to have custom garage doors Las Vegas that is easy as well as provides the convenience while unloading vehicles. Throughout this article, we shall be discussing the various uses of commercial garage door and what type of door works the best for you.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

The commercial garage door highly differs from that of any residential garage door. This is by far one of the biggest USP for commercial garage doors. While your residential garage door might be opened only once and twice a day, commercial ones need to be durable. They need to meet up with frequent usage with superior hardware and better build quality.

Overhead Doors

The overhead garage doors operate using the rail mechanism, which helps the user to pull the door in a horizontal position. Doorways which are used for passage of vehicles are most suited for overhead garage doors.

Roll-up Doors

These are, by far, one of the most common choices when it comes to commercial garage doors. The sole purpose of using roll-up doors is convenience. These kinds of garage doors are mainly used in warehouses where the installation of rails is next to impossible.

Fire Rated Doors

One can generally find fire rated doors installed over parking garage, warehouses, and distribution centers. Completely made out of stainless steel, fire rated garage doors are insulated, durable, and can easily withstand fires.

Uses of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Repair Shops: This is by far one of the most commonplace where you can find the use of commercial garage doors. For repair shops, the most cost-effective option is to actually go with a sectional garage door.
  • Restaurants: Another booming area where you can find heavy usage of garage doors are restaurants. Sectional garage doors with the use of glass panels give off the perfect vibe of outdoor experience in restaurants.
  • Manufacturing Companies: They use heavy-duty steel garage doors to ensure the utmost security for all the equipment and finished products. They also need to withstand regular usage from day to day work.
  • Fire Departments: The demand for easy access in case of emergency is very crucial for the fire department. That is why the door needs to be light. Any glass sectional garage door works fine under these circumstances.

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