What kinds of garage doors work best for apartment buildings?

We all have to remember that the garage doors make a great contribution to the overall look of the house or the apartment. When the garage doors are in front of the house, it’s important that it blends with the entire look or design and can enhance the curb appeal of the home. While choosing the best garage doors for your apartment, you should know about the various kinds of garage doors. You should also get help from garage door services in Las Vegas.


In general, there are four styles of doors that can be suitable for the commonly seen garages:

  1. Swing –up doors

If you want a modern look for your house or apartment, a swing up door is a great option. They can be suitable for almost all types of houses or apartments. However, you have to remember that these doors swing outward; hence, they need enough area in front of them to open or shut properly.

  1. Sliding doors

These are like glass sliding doors that can be used to connect to the outward areas like yards. Only the difference is that these garage doors are made of steel or wood.

  1. Swing-out doors

These are the most basic and common ones. They have hinges and can operate just like our regular doors. These are the best choice for classic style apartments.

  1. Roll-up doors

These kinds of doors are similar to the rolling shutters which we use for our doors or windows. They can roll up or down to allow your vehicle to move. As per its design, metal is the primary component of these kinds of doors. For best suggestions, you can call quality garage doors in Las Vegas.


Now, if you think about what kind of garage doors are best suitable for apartment buildings? To answer this question properly, you have to consider certain things like:

  • Availability of suitable colors of the garage doors to enhance the beauty of the apartment.
  • Long lasting hardware and springs for the garage doors.  Because of multiple uses in a day, it is good to consider 25,000 – 100,000 cycle hardware.  Many apartment building garages can go through very high daily usage.
  • A style that can easily match or enhance the look of the apartment building.
  • If the garage door can be operated manually with an outside key-handle lock, then don’t forget to order the locks keyed differently and plan about the extra charge of the master key if the tenant loses his key.
  • If the garage doors are automatic, those will be automatically locked by the operator. However, when the garage has no other entrance or exit than the main garage door, it is really important that you add an extra “vault release” locking mechanism to the top part of the door with a key that can help you to easily get into the garage in the eventof a power outage.
  • While using remote controls, remember that every time a tenant changes, you need to change the existing codes on the garage door operator motor to a new one for better security.
  • Heavier gauges can be able to hold up much better in an apartment building environment.  Apartment building garage doors can face the most common problems is denting and other similar damage.  This problem can be easily resolved by using 24-gauge steel or thicker. There are several service providers of quality garage doors in Las Vegas to provide you with the best quality garage doors.

Planning about all those aspects mentioned above can guide you to choose the best and most suitable garage doors for your apartment. For best ideas, you can get help from garage door services in Las Vegas. If you are still confused, it’s time to call Silver Fox Garage Repair.

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