What’s The Best Lubricant To Use On A Squeaky Garage Door?

Posted on Jul 26, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Tips
What’s The Best Lubricant To Use On A Squeaky Garage Door?

A squeaking garage door can be quite a hassle worsening over time. Constant usage tears the springs, gears, rollers, damaging the door’s integrity. Usually, adequate lubrication brings back door integrity. Therefore, knowing the best lubricant for garage door is essential.

This article offers an overall idea of the best lubricant types available. Get a heads up towards lubricant choosing mistakes as well. Lastly, learn how to apply any lubricant type on door parts.

Lubricate or Repair the garage door?

Lubrication is undeniably the first step one leans towards to prevent screeching noises. However, make sure to check the garage door heath before over-greasing worn-out parts. Some common ways to find out about optimum door health are-

1.Check for loosened door parts due to constant friction, movement, or vibration.

2. Look for unbalanced garage doors. Find out if the rollers and tracks are perfectly aligned.

3. Clear door tracks of debris, causing unwanted noises.

4. Inspect whether the cable and the door tracks are damaged or loosened.

If the inspection doesn’t show any garage door health damages, shift to proper lubrication.

Lubricants to avoid and choose!

Thinking of a lubricant reminds the mass of the cleaning agent, WD-40. It is a cheap solvent that breaks down grease, ultimately drying it out. It causes more friction to door parts, causing further damage. Always chose a lubricant compatible with a particular garage door type.

A hand grit sandpaper or a spray helps to lubricate friction-causing parts. The bests lubricants must be penetrating oil. Commonly available quality lubricants are either lithium-based or silicone-based.

1.Lithium-based garage door lubricant – White lithium lubricants are available in squeezable tubes, containers, or spray cans. Hardware stores widely offer hand application types. Their good adherence to metal optimizes garage door health. Apply an even spray coating on bearings, springs, and hinges.

2.Silicone-based garage door lubricant – It is one of the best lubricant for garage door, available in the market. This lubricant type comes mostly in spray cans. The narrow nozzle offers better coverage. Hence, every corner lubricates with ease.

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Learn how to use a lubricant on a garage door

Lithium lubricant- Another excellent product, lithium lubricants offer the best result on broad friction-prone areas. Its extremely greasy nature makes it suitable for garage door tracks than springs.

Make sure to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to it during application. Unlike silicone lubricants, lithium lubricants don’t penetrate well. Therefore, constant reapplication is necessary.

Silicone lubricant– This type is suitable for lubricating small and tight areas. Lithium sprays work well on rollers, springs, and hinges. The sides have gliding metal rollers for opening or closing garage doors.

Lubricate the metal parts, especially the inside bearings. Being comparatively less greasy than lithium-based ones makes it appropriate for tight spaces.

To sum up!

Choosing and applying the correct lubricant elongates the garage door life span. Therefore, it offers a smooth and noise-free operation throughout. In this case, one may opt for a garage door repair service. If you are looking for one, try contacting Silver Fox Garage Door Repair Service.

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