Steps to Take When Door Cable of Your Garage Breaks

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Do you have any experience of lifting an old garage door with damaged springs? It’s rather a difficult task and you ask yourself what can be done as a solution when a garage door cable breaks. Silver Fox Garage Repair is here for providing you assistance in this kind of situation.

If you ever possessed a garage, it is normal for you to visit it frequently with the garage door taking up and down roll each time. Wait for a moment and think about how this apparently simple contraption works.

The door of your garage is a complex machine that constitutes several working parts where each part is essential for the smooth movement of this cumbersome something. Among those mechanisms involves springs for the garage door which are under a lot of pressure and is responsible for the lifting process of the door.

As these springs bear so much strain, if just one somehow breaks, it will turn out to pose serious trouble and damage. However, a heavy cable that runs in between the springs is a savior that prevents those from recoiling and limits the danger. But, if that cable breaks, you are in for a grave and potential problem.

Garage door cables come in different types depending upon spring system kind your garage door has. If you are using torsion springs, there are cables of torsion springs which have one loop end and the other crimped stop end.  There is a particular technique to secure and wind the cable.

Many garages use extension springs which run along either side of the garage door, and as expected, these kind springs require specific extension spring cables too. Another type of garage door cables is safety cables which are used for the extension springs that run through the springs’ center which prevents any sort of damage or threat if the spring snaps.

You should give the utmost importance to garage door cables. They are deliberately made up of metal which is very strong in nature, but they also are needed to be flexible as they are pulled repeatedly and a pulley system is required to lower it and the process of winding and unwinding takes place around the door’s top drum when the door opens or closes. But just because of their strength doesn’t imply they are immune to breaking.

A broken or damaged cable can cause you to stop the efficient work of your garage door. The worst can take place when a spring snaps due to the cable not in the right place, it can fly across anywhere causing serious damage and injury and even can prove to be fatal.

Now, you are getting an idea why this matter needs your immediate focus for the sake of the safety of your garage door cables and therefore, involve a professional who is thorough with this aspect whenever you notice a cable is either defective or broken.


Faults That Can Occur With Your Garage Door Cables

There are quite a number of things which can go wrong regarding your garage door cables. One of them can be that some cables are known to wound around the top drum in an incorrect manner resulting in the door getting jammed, frequently languid on a particular side or the door might get caught when it is lowered.

There are certain cases where cables come completely undone from the top drum and reconnecting them is to be done. Even the pulleys might get worn out. As this happens, there will be a lot of fiction when the cables are slipped and you will notice how your door gets stuck or dropped to the side. In this kind of scenario, the pulleys are required to be substituted.

It is a known fact that garage door cables break on many occasions. For one thing, the breaking of the cable causes dimpling because it is getting old. Cables, just like any other mechanical tools, go through wear and tear.

Over the passage of time, these cables get weak and finally snap. One of the potent reasons can be rusting. Corrosion of cables happens due to rust and if you fail to fix it in time, the rust will eat away the cable.

Another can be the effect of fraying. Imagine a rope. It is made by joining smaller ropes in twisted form and wounding them to make more durable and thicker cable. If a tiny part breaks, it will fray the other cables until the whole thing comes down.


How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Cable?

If you are wondering how to actually fix the cable along with the garage door springs, then it is as easy as it can ever get. Working around the bottom corners one can easily make sure to replace garage door cables by following through the steps mentioned below:


1. Taking it Apart

The first and foremost aspect is to look for the size of your garage door and winding bars. Its length will determine the size of the lift cables that you shall be using. Some of the most common accessories include the vice grip, packed with a set of cables, sockets, wrenches, stepping ladders, safety glasses and a pair of fine gloves.

After you have collected the basic tools used for the repair, make sure to unplug the garage door opener, before you start working on them. Close the door in such a way that it even touches the ground. Then proceed with the garage door cable repair by removing the cable and unwinding the spring, until you have removed the tension.

Sometimes garage doors have two spring tension, so make sure to process with the same step for the latter one. That being said, at the end of the removal process, you shall be left with the broken garage door cable that requires replacement.


2. Installing the Cable

At first start your installation of the broken cable proceeding through the bottom bracket. Then make sure to thread the cables from the corners of the door back to the cable drum. You need to do the same for both sides of the garage doors.

After that, insert the cables into the drum slots and check if they are properly overlapped or not. Wind your cable from the drum towards the bearing plate. Then, all you need to do is turn your drum counterclockwise so that the cable can actually sit tightly. Once that has been done, tighten the screws to secure their position.

Bear in mind that after the initial installation of the cable, make sure to increase the tension of the springs. This way, you can ensure that you have secured a tight position for the cables. Right before you, plug-in the opener, make sure to lift the door. Thus, you can ensure whether there is a right amount of tension between the drum and cable or not.


Preventive Measures From Garage Door Cables Breaking

You must have a minimum working knowledge of the appearance of the components if you want to keep your garage door safe. Two factors determine garage door cables – the door’s weight and the cable’s length. If the garage door is heavy, the cables should be thick. The spring system concludes the garage door’s length.

The torsion spring system requires one or maximum two springs at the garage door’s top and this needs a short length of cable. A long cable is required for the extension spring system, a kind that runs from the bottom to the up from both sides. Both of these cable types wound themselves around the top drum on either side while the garage door opens.

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Check out any signs of fraying and kinks often on garage door cables. As soon as you find a frayed area, follow the path of the cable to inspect the cause of the damage. It is possible that something is sticking out which is causing the damage and you can remove it. Keep the cables clean, dry and free of debris.

In any case, a situation may arise where there are broken garage door cables and at times like this, call a Garage Door Repair professional immediately to fix it. Repetitive opening and closing of the door in this state can call for further damage which ends with a more expense of repairing. To avoid any sort of injury, leave the situation to the experts. Call us @ 7025368081 for help.


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