Which Garage Door Opener Works Fine with Alexa?

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If you are opting for custom garage doors the best option is to go with a smart opener as well. Some of the added benefits that come with a smart garage door opener include the ability to control and monitor your garage door just the way you want. Neither less to say, it also helps you to connect with your smartphone and speaker. And don’t get us started with all the features such as being able to turn on the light at the comfort of your room. So, the whole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the best garage door openers that work with Alexa. 

Top Three Best Garage Door Openers

1) Tailwind iQ3

This particular garage door opener comes with its own set of nifty features. Take, for example, using your android phone; it can trigger the garage door and open them at your will. For iPhone users, you may need to use a separate dongle. It has in-built integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Like every other smart garage door opener; it is very easy to install the Tailwind iQ3. Once it starts working, you can actually get a flawless automatic garage door experience. 

2) NEXX GARAGE Smart Opener

If you are particularly fond of using Alexa, you are going to love NEXX GARAGE Smart Opener. One of its biggest advantage if the use of voice command to operate your garage door. The only downside is that the set-up can get trickier at times. That is why it might be better to get professional assistance in this particular matter. It also comes with an additional feature called geofencing, which can detect your presence and open your garage door likewise. And above all, you don’t need to break the bank for installing NEXX. 

3) Garadget

The garadget smart garage door opener uses lasers for operation. This gives them an edge over other smart openers that only uses sensors to detect movements. But, during set-up, you need to make sure to properly align the laser. The garadget app can provide you alerts in real-time. In case you have forgotten to close your door, it can automatically do the same for you. Apart from Alexa, garadget comes with a plethora of assistant options, including Google Home. IFTTT and even SmartThings. In other words, you are never going to run out of choices. 

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