Why Do You Need To Have A Battery Backup For Garage Door Opener?

Posted on May 06, 2021 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Why Do You Need To Have A Battery Backup For Garage Door Opener?

Garage door opener battery backups can bring true peacefulness in any emergency and give house owners the safety to always be ready when severe weather hits. If adverse occurrences leave your home without electricity, an emergency battery backup will do weighty lifting and be able to close and open your garage door as if nothing has happened.

Modern garage door opener comprises battery backup; nonetheless you can install it separately in your opener. So, if you have existing garage door opener maintenance without battery backup, pick the latter option.

Amenities of battery backup:

Ease of use

When faced with an emergency like a power outage, the last thing you need to worry about is your garage door opener. However, you will also need peace of mind knowing that in severe circumstances, you will be able to get your vehicle out of your garage. With battery backup, the door does not need to be manually disassembled. Run the quality garage door in Las Vegas normally.

Enduring opening capacity

More battery backup systems allow 50 doors to close and open within 24 hours of a power outage. The door closes and opens at a slower rate than usual to save battery life.

Long-lasting battery life

Battery backup systems necessitate very little maintenance and can go up to almost three years without maintenance. Charge the battery system from the cable attached to your garage door opener adequately. If it’s time to replace your battery, you’ll be warned with a flashing light or beeping, depending on your battery model.

Personalized option

You can buy battery back up devices for congruent garage door openers. Commercial installation is ultimately recommended; nonetheless, in some cases, it can be initiated by the house owner.

Role of garage door balance in your safety

In addendum, to be capable of opening up the garage door parts in Las Vegas when the power runs out, you also need to ensure that your door is perfectly balanced. Without properly balanced doors, electric garage door openers will face problems. Therefore, if you are not sure about this balancing, check out how to easily do that. Here is what you require to do:

1. Shut the garage door.

2. Drag the emergency disconnect cord.

3. Try to lift up the door with an inward handle.

Could you easily lift the door? If not, it is not finely balanced. Contact us right away – never try to reset the garage door by yourself. Be sure to check your balance again twice a month.

Learn more about 5 Reasons to Service Your Garage Door Regularly.

The bottom line:

Silver Fox Garage Door Repair Company offers assorted models of new garage door openers containing an integrated emergency battery back-up. Silver Fox Garage Door Repair’s openers are quiet, powerful, and durable and are manufactured for high-level performance.

There are many alternatives available with distinctive specifications and power levels for regulating dissimilar garage door sizes and weights. You can select from our wide range of garage door opener inspection in Las Vegas. All models are available in chain drive, belt drive, and screwdriver options. In adjunct, our garage door opener with battery backups proffers the ultimate in outlook and performance.

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