Why My Garage Door Won’t Close?

Posted on Jun 26, 2020 | Garage Door Repair Tips
Why My Garage Door Won’t Close?

You can actually find that there is mainly one single reason for which garage doors are used. Either to open or close the door. But, if you find that your garage door won’t close can actually create a lot of hindrance to your workflow. Now, if your door won’t close it can actually raise some of the safety concerns, even though you live in one of the friendliest neighborhoods.

Further including, being a homeowner, you should be aware of the fact that a properly functioning garage door serves the right purpose. At the same time, if it doesn’t hit the floor, it can leave your home vulnerable. In this article, you will find all the different reasons why your garage door won’t close and start dying on you.

Troubleshooting Why Won’t Garage Door Stay Closed?

Investigating the problem related to your garage door will help you to find what’s keeping your door open. One needs to understand that there are several reasons behind the issue. Here we are going to discuss the same, one by one.

1) Wrong Travel Settings

By far, one of the most common reasons due to which a garage door doesn’t close completely is due to the wrong limit settings. A wrong setting light tells your garage door that it’s completely opened, while it’s still closed. In order circumstances, a partially closed garage door will act as if it’s the ground.

To fix an issue like such, it all comes down to the type of garage door opener you are currently using. But, even though they come from different manufacturers, all of them have travel adjustments. So, in order to make proper adjustments to your door travel, all you need to have is a screwdriver. Now, follow the steps mentioned below for suitable travel settings:

  • Make sure you can reach out to the motor housing. They are primarily mounted at the top of your garage door.
  • In order to properly adjust to the settings, find the two screws or knobs either on the side, back, or bottom of the housing.
  • Try to rotate the down limit screw clockwise, with just one complete turn.
  • Now, make sure to test your garage door and see whether its closing or not.
  • Continue the step, with one turn at a time, till you find the proper setting.

2) Misaligned Sensors

After you adjust the limit of your garage door, it’s time to check for the safety sensors. There are several instances where you will find them misaligned. You can find te4h sensors for your garage door at the bottom, right where it meets with the ground. When it comes to fixing modern garage doors, sensors play a crucial role. So, in order to make them function properly, all you need to do is align them correctly. You can find sensors that are most sensitive to even the slightest of misplacement.

Even after getting along with the first step, if you are still finding your garage door won’t, it’s definitely about the sensors. Chances are your safety sensors are getting bumped somewhere down the line. You can fix the problem by initially leveling the screws. As for the latest sensors, their red LED light can indicate whether they are misaligned or not.

3) Broken Springs

There is no way you can make your garage door function properly and close limits with broken spring. It is very important to visually inspect your garage door before you are able to draw any conclusion. That being said, you can easily figure out if there are springs from your garage door or not. Damaged springs are some of the main reasons why your garage door is misaligned in the first place. A quick fix from the garage door repair company Las Vegas will do the job.

4) Damaged Cables

Just like the springs, another equally important aspect of the garage door is its cables. Having a damaged cable with create hindrance and prevent your garage door from closing completely. Examine your garage door cable, and make sure whether they are still intact or not. Changing damaged garage door cables are by far one of the easiest fixes to workaround.

5) Any Other Obstruction

If all the above-mentioned steps don’t fix the problem, there is something else getting along the way of your garage door. Bear in mind that whatever is restricting your garage door from completely opening or closing doesn’t have to be anything huge. Even a tiny particle such as accumulated dust and debris, or even a rock, could be the reason.

So, properly maintaining the track is fairly crucial for that matter. Even contributing 10 minutes for your garage door track can help you to get along for an entire year.

Need for Professional Garage Door Service Las Vegas

There are several instances where you will find that your garage door closed problem persists even after proper inspection. Chances are, there is a much greater problem that you need to attend instead of just fixing the sensors or keeping your track clean. Under these circumstances, it’s time to look into the safety feature and call the professionals. There are some problems that can’t be fixed with a regular DIY repair guide. The Quicker you grasp the concept, you easily it would be to fix your garage door.

As we have discussed earlier, garage doors play a significant role in keeping your home safe and sound. In order to make them work properly, always make sure to get in touch with Silver Fox Garage Repair. All of our certified professionals have years of experience when it comes to garage door services. In fact, they can make the garage door opens in no time.

So, if you ever find your garage door won’t close, get a free consultation from Silver Fox. With our customer care available 24/7/365, you don’t have to wait around for emergency services. Working with all the major manufacturers and suppliers also ensures that you will get the right value for your buck. So, don’t wait around until it’s too late. Get in touch with Silver Fox today, and enjoy a hassle-free garage door tomorrow.

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