Why Should You Go For Custom Steel Garage Doors?

Posted on Feb 28, 2021 | Garage Repair Services
Why Should You Go For Custom Steel Garage Doors?

If your garage door is old, worn, rusty or scratched, it’s time to replace your garage door. Replacing a garage door is one of the prime home improvement investments you can make. To maximize return on investment, you need to choose the proper type of garage door.

The custom steel garage doors enhance the security of your home, increases energy efficiency, add style and elevate aesthetics of your home. Understanding the benefits associated with different types of garage doors can help you decide which type is best for you and your home. Here are some advantages that exhibit why you must go with steel garage doors:


A steel door is simpler to install than a wooden one because of light weight. Hence, it is easy to lift when installing.

You also have the option of manual or automatic doors. With a wooden door, automatic door openers are must, as you could be injured if the opposite balances are not synchronized. The cable and motor for automatic doors must be properly installed. Although we recommend a professional installer because it ensures that the work is done accurately and on time. Also, if you install the door on your own, it will void the warranty.

2. Customizable and Modish

Steel doors design comes under three style categories: contemporary, traditional, and carriage house. From each group you can choose the windows (short or long, up or down, decorative grills, specialty glass), panel designs (short or long raised panels, flush or grooved surface textures), color options (factory finish colors or tones), wood.

3. Environmental Concerns

If you want to install a steel garage door, without any worries you can execute it, as they are made with eco-friendly composite steel.

4. Hardy and Long-lasting

Today steel garage doors are well built and durable, providing protection from dents, warping and cracking. You may hear the word ‘gauge’ referring to steel doors. The lesser the gauge number decreases, the thicker and stronger steel. However, the construction method of ‘sandwich construction’ combines multiple layers of high gauge (lightweight) steel to increase the depth and length of the garage door. It can be a little complicated, but the steel garage doors are hardy and well made.

5. Energy Efficient

Beyond increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills, insulated steel garage doors decrease the noise and protect the objects in your garage from overheating. When shopping for an insulated door, keep in mind two things: ‘polyurethane’ and ‘R-value’. R-value is used to measure the amount of insulation. Next, the polyurethane – injected foam insulation – overlaps the polystyrene sheet insulation. Anyways, just have any insulation.

5. Affordability

Although steel garage doors are on trend and fashionable, they are budget friendly compared to other material costs. Certain factors such as model, size, installation, garage door stripping repair, construction, and add-ons affect door prices. However, as a rule, a steel door is cheaper than fiberglass, glass or wood.

So proceed and showcase your personal style with design options, improve your home security, save money on utility bills with minimal maintenance. Moreover a low cost steel garage door will last for years.

6. Safe and Secure

The safety and security of the garage door is utmost important as a public entry point. Therefore, when it comes to your garage door, adopt new products and technologies to increase security.

Final Words

Modern designs for steel doors complete most home construction and meet the house owner’s needs.

Today, custom steel garage door becomes a basic home need with garage door parts Las Vegas and tons of options.

The choice of garage door material should be based on budget, aesthetics, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, requirements, or a combination of factors. Think about it, later you will be cheerful with your choice.

If you want the best services for any type of garage door in Las Vegas, Silver Fox can be your best choice.

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