Why the Right Winding for Torsion Spring is Important?

Garage Door Spring Repair

Although the entire garage door consists of several parts, some play more important than the other. Torsion spring is one such constituent that helps in easy opening and closing of the garage door. In order to properly manage the garage door, the torsion spring should be in good shape.

For any typical residential garage door, it weighs around 150 lbs. And if it is a multi-car garage, the weight can always be significantly higher. With the help of the torsion spring, the mechanical energy is stored. Getting the right assistance from the garage door cables, as the spring turns, the garage door moves. Whenever a change is required, the torsion spring wind direction plays a crucial role. So, in this section, we are going to discuss some of the important aspects that go into understanding the right torsion spring for your garage door.

Considerations to Make While Getting Garage Doors

If you want to find the right direction of your torsion spring, you need to have a clear understanding of how they work. Certainly, heading over the market, you can actually find a plethora of torsion springs laying around. But, it is never a good idea to leave the right torsion spring at the hands of guessing games. Instead, in this section, we shall be discussing some of the most important considerations one needs to make while getting their torsion spring:

1)The Configuration of the Spring 

Generally, there are two types of spring configuration available out there in the market. These are single or double configuration, respectively. Giving a closer look into the bracket and stationary cone can tell you a lot about the configuration of your spring. If you find the pointer on either of the sides, then the spring has a single configuration. Similarly, if the pointer is placed in the middle, it is a dual configuration.

2) The Spring Winding 

After you have successfully figured out the configuration of the spring, it is important to determine the spring winding. This is where the majority of people get wrong. Based on the nature of the winding, you determine the torsion spring. Take, for instance, if you spring is wounded in a clockwise direction, it is a right-wind spring. On the contrary, if the winding is done anti-clockwise, it is a left-wind spring. Based on the winding type, the end of the wires are placed in the same direction. Now, in order to properly have a better look, you need to look from behind.

3) The Overall Weight of the Door

The overall weight of the garage door determines with torsion spring is right suited for you. Every torsion spring comes with its own sets of capacity. Now, you can always opt for a spring that has a higher weight capacity, as long as it can properly fit in the garage door. But, nothing lesser than the overall weight. That would significantly affect the proper operation of the garage door.

Working Behind a Garage Door Torsion Spring 

Having a clear understanding of the proper functioning of the torsion spring is very important. Here we are going to discuss how exactly the torsion spring works:

  • Brackets are attached at the bottom of the garage door. This is where the cables are attached to the same as well.
  • You can find the cables attached to the cable drums, that are installed within the garage door.
  • The torsion tube is fitted inside the spring, which runs along the top section of the door. The cable drums need to be tightened with them as well.
  • Rods are used in order to operate the springs in an upward direction. As the springs start winding up, tension is created within them.
  • Using set screws, the springs are held secured within their place.

So the entire operation of the garage door is heavily based on how the spring winds and unwinds. The power generated within the spring is passed through the tube, onto the drum, right to the cables. Generally, a single winding revolution can raise the garage door by one foot.

How to Find Broken Garage Door Springs?

With heavy usage, garage door springs are more prone to regular wear and tear. Using a garage door with a broken spring can further damage other parts of the garage door as well. Down below are some of the most common ways to find a broken garage door spring.

1) How the Spring Appears?

In fact, there are professionals out there who can take a closer look at the spring and tell a lot of the same. Sometimes you can find unusual stretching in the torsion spring. This indicates that the life-cycle of the spring has come to an end. There are even some instances where you can find an almost two-inch gap between the turns. This is where you need to change the spring.

2) The functioning of the Garage Door

Sometimes you can find that there is something wrong with the garage door, by the way, it’s operating. The garage door might be crooked or get out of the track during operation. At other times, there are misalignments within the top section. If your garage door just operates for a couple of inches, it is also a clear indication of broken spring. At other times, your garage door may not work at all.

The Bottom Line

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